Learn German Naturally

no grammar rules, vocabulary lists and memorizing

but communication

What is Comprehensible GERMANi?

Kathrin Hudelmayer

Kathrin Hudelmayer

Kathrin is the heart and brain behind
“comprehensible GERMANi”.
She is a passionate language teacher who studied childhood education and was trained by the TPRS founder Blaine Ray.

She loves the beauty of natural learning and language acquisition.

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Comprehensible GERMANi wants to be your platform, where you can immerse yourself in comprehensible input and learn German naturally.


Surround yourself with German language that you understand and that you are invested in.

We want to make language learning fun and effective.

And it doesn’t matter if you are just looking for some input to boost your selfstudy or if you want to take a structured TPRS Course.


We are working on creating a wide range of materials.

So take a look around!

How and where to start?

Depending on your personality, your goal, your schedule, your money and of course also your time zone

there is not a one-fits-all path. But providing different offers I think it’s easy for you

to decide where you could start.

Free Live Sessions

Once in a while, I offer 1-hour-long Zoom Sessions that all my students can join for free.
The level and topic of each lesson varies and it’s a new group of students every time.
But you can only join through my invitation e-mail.
So make sure to sign-up to my e-mail list and you will receive the next invitation aswell.


Selfstudy Courses

You are good on your own or our schedules don’t match up?

But you still want some guidance on how to improve your German?

I offer different video based selfstudy courses that use TPRS and comprehensible input. Of course those methods work better in live settings but that doesn’t mean selfstudy courses won’t profit from using TPRS and CI.

Selfstudy Materials

I haven’t come across a school book yet, that works with TPRS and comprehensible input. But reading story books is a big part of natural language aquisition for sure.
Therefore I created an ebook with 6 easy stories that teaches you the most common german verbs and present them in many different contexts and sentence structures.
I also included different tenses and an english translation

Online Live Teaching

You are stuck? Or not motivated enough to keep going? Or just want to practise speaking with an actual person on the other side?

I also offer live group courses where I teach different levels with TPRS.

All classes are online via Zoom and normally run 5 weeks.

Social Media

Comprehensible GERMANi wants to teach people to communicate in German. And what better place to practice that than on Social Media?

I post comprehensible stories on Youtube and vocabulary on Instagram. And I would love to see your comments on either (or both) of those platforms.

I'm letting my students speak...

Kathrin is a passionate professional educator and a very kind person. She is interested to help you achieve your language goals. I definitely recommend her services.

Student of my Zoom lessons

I find your videos very helpful, I practically have no idea about anything of german […] and your videos will be a good resource to learn it.

Student on my Youtube Channel

Your videos are just so great I cannot put into words how you have helped me learning your amazing language, thanks!

Student on my Youtube Channel

I highly recommend taking lessons with her. She makes you feel comfortable and confident to practice without worrying about making mistakes and that’s reason enough but you will also learn a lot and have a great time.

Student in my Intermediate Beginner Live Course

I took German A1 classes from Kathrin. She is very good at defining a road-map which is personalized for her student. I was really enjoying her classes in which I felt as if I was learning German as a kid. She was very kind and supportive as well. I would recommend Kathrin to whom wants to learn German in an enjoyable way.

Student with individual online teaching
Customer reviews & experiences for Kathrin Hudelmayer - TPRS German. Show more information.
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