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Learn German naturally with proven methods like TPRS.

Start speaking and get a good feeling of the language.

Without annoying grammar and endless vocabulary lists.


Give your input to my TPRS-stories and ask questions to make sure you understand.

no fixed date

I send you an e-mail whenever there is an open space in my class.
You can then decide if you have time and want to join.

small groups

To ensure everybody can contribute to the story the number of participants is limited.

Open for everybody

My live sessions are open for all levels and I apprechiate Beginners. But - depending on the topic - I suggest you have at least a basic level of vocabulary so you can follow and contribute.

make sure you get a seat

Sign up now, to make sure I’ll invite you as soon as there is an opening in my sessions.

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More about me

I’m Kathrin Hudelmayer, a German native speaker who studied early childhood education.

Education and learning are my passion.

Since 2018 I publish a lot of learning materials for children. I then proceeded to give German lessons, one-on-one as well as groupsettings, different ages and different levels, all online.

That’s when I discoverd TPRS and comprehensible input and I’m a huge fan of it. As there isn’t much content out there I started to upload  videos on YouTube and got so much positive feedback. My LIVE SESSIONS will be a new addition to that.

I’m so happy to welcome you on my students list!

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Frequently asked questions

My sessions don’t have a regular schedule. But as soon as there is a fixed date with open spaces I’ll send out invitations with date, topic, level etc.
If you get an invitation you are free to decided wheather you want to join, and answer me.

At the given date, you join our Zoom meeting via the invitation link and get access to our classroom.

I honestly can’t tell you.

I like to stay flexible and go with the flow, that’s why I deteste fixed schedules.

I will decide on dates and topics spontaniously, and it’s possible that I’ll host several sessions in a short amount of time or have a longer break.

But I will definitly give you enough time to prepare or clear your calender. I promise.

To get most out of TPRS stories it’s important to relisten or reread them.

That’s why I record them and give you access to the recording.

And I also want to share the recordings with people who weren’t able to join the sessions. So even if you’re not invited or don’t have time to join, you can learn from the video.

I understand that there are lots of reasons you might not want to be recorded.

If it’s because you’re shy with your German, please note that I will NEVER pressure anybody to speak German if they are not comfortable. But I will encourage you to do so. And remember, everybody started out somewhere and everybody makes mistakes. I don’t care!

If it’s because of your privacy, I totally understand that and it’s you who decides what you will share in the sessions.

I will also give you the possibility to protect your privacy before I start recording.

But I can’t make any exceptions or specific arrangements.

So if you don’t want to be recorded at all, I’m sorry this live sessions are not for you.

If you have more questions that weren’t answered feel free to contact me.

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