LEARN GERMAN through reading

simple stories with easy vocabulary

all stories come in different tenses and with a translation

comprehension questions help you work with the book

all stories are also available in .mp3

Intermediate Beginner Stories

This e-book is a great addition to my “Intermediate Beginner” courses.
The stories provide a “natural environment” for the words you have learned,
so you can actually use them in complete sentences.


You know the keywords already, but they also repeat through out the stories and even in every single story itself.
Having a (small but) stable vocabulary is key in communicating quickly.

different tenses

The stories are written in present and past tense, so you can choose what to practise.
And in times of confusion there is also an english translation.


Comprehension is key! Therfore each story comes with questions and the correct answers.
Therefore you can work with the stories instead of just reading them.

read and listen

On top of reading all stories, you can also listen to the .mp3-versions. This allows you to practise your pronounciation and listening comprehension.

Facts ABOUT this e-book

you will get...

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If you’re not satisfied, I’m not satisfied.

My goal is for you to have fun while learning german. So if that’s not the case, please take back your money and use it for a different learning approach.


a look inside

key vocabulary

- sein
- haben
- wollen
- können
- kommen
- gehen
- bleiben
- sprechen
- lernen
- (sich) interessieren
- schwimmen
- essen
- brauchen
- suchen

This video covers a story that is really similar to the ones in the eBool. It also demonstrates how you can work with stories to get most out of them.

behind this e-book

The idea

Your language learning goal is to be able to understand spoken and written German.


Methodes like TPRS and comprehensible input – that mimic a natural learning approach – like to use stories.


Having multiple stories using the same words will help you realize the different usage and sentence structures.


And reading the same story in a different tense will teach you the new forms in a fly.


Get ready for great learning materials!

Kathrin Hudelmayer

Author of the stories

All stories are written by Kathrin Hudelmayer, who is the heart and brain behind “comprehensible GERMANi”.
She is a passionate language teacher who studied childhood education and was trained by the TPRS founder Blaine Ray.

She loves the beauty of natural learning and language acquisition.

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Start now

This eBook is for you! Because you want to learn German naturally and I have the perfect stories for you to do so.

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