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Learn German naturally with proven methods like TPRS.

Start speaking and get a good feeling of the language.

Without annoying grammar and endless vocabulary lists.


Learn Easy with STORIES

Listen to my little stories to get familiar with new words, sentence structures and pronunciation.

Learn With fun AND games

There are so many games that are perfect for language learning.
And we're going to play them.

Learn fast with PICTURES

Pictures are a great way to make input comprehensible without translating anything.

learn effectively with repetitions

We will learn effectively by repeating sentences and words. You will learn them and never forget again.

Facts ABOUT this course

you will learn...

you will get...

Learn German naturally

This course is as close to a natural language acquisition as possible. Immerse yourself in German without feeling overwhelmed. Take yourself out of this course what you need.

I take the idea of TPRS (teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling) as well as other CI-methods (comprehensible input) to create a natural and effective learning environment.

Therefore even if you already know many of the words I’m teaching, you will still be able to expand your vocabulary.

Although the aim of this course is to be able to introduce yourself and others, the input isn’t limited to that at all.

If you take this course serious and work with it as recommended, you will learn much more. Introducing yourself is the absolute minimum you will be able to do after this course.


This course focuses on listening, comprehending and then speaking rather then reading, writing and grammar. You can still learn those as you go through the course, but they won’t be taught directly.

No Risk with 60 days money back guarantee

100 % Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the content of this course you can return the course and get your money back!

0 % Risk

I save you unnecessary doubts, thinking and sleepless nights, because I take the complete risk on me!

Who is teaching?

Kathrin Hudelmayer

I'm a German native speaker who studied early childhood education.

Education and learning are my passion. Since 2018 I publish a lot of learning materials for children. I then proceeded to give German lessons, one-on-one as well as groupsettings, different ages and different levels, all online.

That's when I discovered TPRS and comprehensible input and I'm a huge fan of it. As there isn't much content out there I started to upload videos on YouTube and got so much positive feedback. That's why I created this TPRS-Online-Course to guide you even better.

I'm so happy to welcome you in my course!

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Start now

This course is for you! Because you want to learn German and I have the perfect stories for you to do so.

Buy without Risk

60 days money back guarantee


If you’re not satisfied, I’m not satisfied.

My goal is for you to have fun while learning german. So if that’s not the case, please take back your money and use it for a different learning approach.

Join this course for ONLY

39,99 €

0 % risk due to money back guarantee

Questions and Answers

As I am using TPRS in this course and I’m trying to stay in your target language (German) for about 80% of the time.
But of course I’m starting slowly and the first videos are almost completely in English, as well as all the lesson descriptions etc.

Still there are videos that are only in German.

After you purchased the course via our partner digistore24 you will receive an email with your personal login data. Now you can log in and start learning immediately.

As this is an online course you will need Internet access and a Browser.
For additional materials a printer should be in reach.

I’m glad you’re asking that question, because I want everyone to find the perfect course. Unfortunately, I don’t offer any other courses yet. But I already have many ideas…
Until then you can either work with the stories of this course on a deeper level or check out my YouTube channel “natürlich deutsch”.

No, I’m NOT preparing you for any level exam or provide a fixed vocabulary list. What you get out of this course is depending on your knowledge and enthusiasm.

I can see why you would ask for private lessons. But there are a few reasons why I don’t do that. The most important reason being: I want to help as many people as possible to learn German with TPRS. And giving individual 1:1-lessons won’t make that possible. It would just be too time consuming.

But feel free to message me or leave a comment on my YouTube channel.

I want everybody to be happy with the course they bought. And I’m certain that if you read through this page you will be. But if you are still not satisfied after watching the first videos, you can return the course within 60 days. 
If you’d like to check out my teaching style beforehand, feel free to visit my YouTube channel “natürlich deutsch”.

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