Learn German Naturally Like Learning Your Native Language

You are not a baby but we want you to have the same experience learning German then you had learning your mother tongue. Because that is the most efficient and long-lasting method.

How to Learn German Naturally

Children are wonderful super learners. And if adults are jealous of that they have just forgotten how to use those superpowers.

We want to welcome you back into a learning environment that encourages a natural learning experience and make sure that you learn German with fun and ease.
Are you ready?

Learning Resources

YouTube Channel

Start with free content like stories, games and songs to learn German. 

If you follow my Youtube channel you will get comprehensible input at least once a week.

Online Course

If you want to learn German in a natural way but still want to have the structure and additional materials, my online courses are the perfect combination.

Online Live Course

Join this TPRS online live course. Take this opportunity now because the number of participants is strictly limited. And right now I’m not planning on offering another live course.


Let’s grow this community together. As a patreon you can not only support me but also get special content like the “sentence of the week”and discounts.

Learn with Kathrin

Kathrin is the heart and brain behind “comprehensible GERMANi”.
She is a passionate language teacher who studied childhood education and was trained by the TPRS founder Blaine Ray.

She loves the beauty of natural learning and language acquisition.

Happy Students

Kathrin’s students are very happy with her training style, her videos and courses. We get great feedback every day.

Customer reviews & experiences for Kathrin Hudelmayer - TPRS German. Show more information.

Learn German Online Course

Absolute Beginner Course

This Absolute Beginner Course was not only my first course to create, it should also be your first to take.

We’re starting at zero and cover all the absolute basics like introduction, numbers, colors, etc.

But with stories, games and songs.

How I Teach

Humans have always tried to copy what nature has perfected. And that's what I'm doing as well. I'm creating a comprehensible world around you, where you can immerse yourself in German. I'm combining all those wonderful methods of linguists and language teachers like TPR, TPRS, CI, ALG etc. with actions that we naturally use to teach our kids their native language. So you will find stories, songs, rhymes, games, pictures, just all kind of comprehensible input in my lessons. And I think the variety makes it even better.

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